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Virgin Swingers
Welcome to the world of Swinging

What is a Virgin Swinger?

A Virgin Swinger is a person who has not been involved in NSA (No Strings Attached) sexual relationships with other people. Swinging is a great way for people to explore their sexuality in an open and honest way with their partner.

Are you a virgin swinger? Are you intrigued by the idea of swinging? We are here to help;

Welcome to the new look Swinging Virgins.

Swinging is fast becoming an acceptable social pastime for consenting adults, as the power of religion fades people are finding their own identity and exploring the world around them.

Over the past few years TV programmers and magazine editors have picked up on swinging and most have portrayed the activities in a balanced manner.

Swingers have been around as long as humans have, as with most other animals sex between multiple partners was normal until leaders in the past conceived the idea of monogamous relationships.

Over the years there have been many tags assigned to people who choose to have multiple partners common names have been wife swappers, sharers, partner swappers and swingers, most people have now settled on the name swingers.

We are Jo and David, we have been swinging for many years, and would like to help you enjoy the world of swinging. If there are questions that we do not answer on the site please feel free to write to us at [email protected]

Have a read of the various sections and then click on the join now button at the top of the screen to join the thousands of people, all just like you, who are waiting to meet you and play with you.

Happy Swinging everyone.

Jo & David

Please Note: This site is under constant update. New content is added whenever we receive information from our users or we find something of interest on the web. All information about fetish and swinging resources in Sri Lanka is gratefully received.

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